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ClubElect - Functionality

  • Different Types of Votes, Polls and Surveys can be quickly and easily created.
    • Polls: Enter the details of what the poll is for, followed by a list of the Options available and the maximum no that can be selected.
    • Votes: Enter the details of what the vote is for plus, (optionally), a document to be opened and read. A list of options to select from, plus an optional comments box can be provided for feedback.
    • Surveys: Enter the details of what the Survey is for plus, (optionally), a document to be opened and read. No selection options but a comment box is provided for feedback.

  • Secure: Only members of the club can visit the votes and survey pages. This may be controlled manually by entering the members into the ClubElect system, or integrating from a supported web or club membership system **. Once a member has voted or entered comments then they are not able to do so again, ensuring 1 Member 1 Vote.
  • Anonymous or Open: Each Poll, Vote or Survey can be nominated as Open or Anonymous. With the latter, even the club administrator would not know who had voted what, nor which comments are whose. If Open then Comments are available for all to see.
  • Integration or Manual: ClubElect will integrate with some leading Club Website systems, allowing a seamless link from the site into the voting pages, and saving the need to setup the club members. If used manually then ClubElect will provide the facility to upload members en bloc.
  • Date Restricted: Each Vote or Survey can be dated to start and end at specific times. With this you can prepare ahead for an election, and it will only become live when that date arrives. Once the end date is reached it will be closed off automatically.
  • ** Currently integrated to the ClubView Web system