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ClubElect Demonstration

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Does your Club hold Elections?

Annual Voting for Committees?

Would you like to Survey members on Issues?

Be Green - Save Paper - Save Postage...and give every member of your club
the chance to participate in Votes, Polls and Surveys.

ClubElect gives your club the ability to manage Elections, Polls and Surveys quickly and easily. It may also be used to simply give information to your members with the option for them to provide feedback.

The Votes and Surveys are created by the Club Administrator themselves, and the 'look and feel' of the web site can be tailored to include the club logo and colour style, without any technical knowledge being required.

  • Increase Turnout & Participation
  • Custom Built Surveys and Elections
  • Immediate Results

Each Vote or Survey can be defined as Open or Anonymous. The system is completely Secure, ensuring that only members of the club can take part, and that they can only submit one vote or submission.

Depending on which Web System your club uses, ClubElect may integrate and appear as a seamless option to your members.

ClubElect has a number of pricing options available, including a low cost trial, a 'pay as you use' plan, or an annual renewable licence to use as many times as you need.