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ClubElect - New Features Coming Soon

The following new features will be incorporated into the ClubElect system in the near future:

  • Information Only: The prime reason for ClubElect is to publish Polls, Votes and Surveys to your members, however, there are times when you just want to inform them of information - maybe Annual Accounts, Newsletters etc. Obviously these can be done on your existing Web site - but at times this may be inconvenient to do - or the person who manages the Web Site may not be available. This NEW feature will therefore allow you to just load up a document and make it available to everyone.
  • Upload Members: ClubElect already offers a service to upload Members into your system, to save you having to enter manually. This upload feature will allow YOU to do it yourself - from a spreadsheet. It will validate the data and then create the users as and when you require.
  • Email Members: If you are using one of our partner systems like ClubView, the users will be managed and emails can be sent within that. However, if you are managing the users directly with ClubElect then this feature will allow you to send emails to them, whether that be to advise of a new Poll or Surevy that's been put online, to share results, or for anything else you want to communicate.

If you have any ideas fror new features then please let us know.