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ClubElect - Who Can use it?

ClubElect can be used by any organisation that carries out Elections or a Voting process, runs occasional Polls, or just needs feedback on issues in the form of a Survey.

  • Private Member Clubs: Golf, Tennis, Bowls, Cricket, Rugby and other private clubs all have annual voting of committee members or officers. ClubElect can be used to set these up quickly and efficiently, without paper or postage costs. It ensures that all members can participate, and results are instant. Occasional Polls or Surveys on different club issues can also be defined so as to provide information to the membership and also gauge feedback.
  • Open Member Clubs: Gyms, Football Clubs, other sports clubs can use ClubElect to distribute news and information relating to the club, and give the option to ask for opinions or any feedback.
  • Social Clubs: There are many types of social club including British Legions, Works Clubs, British Rail and Police Clubs etc. All of these will have occasional vote for officials or maybe a poll to decide upon a key issue.

  • Golf Clubs * Cricket Clubs * Bowls Clubs * Tennis Clubs * Sailing Clubs * Rugby Clubs * Fitness Clubs * Snooker & Billiard Clubs *Enthusiast Clubs * Cycling Clubs * British Legions * Community Clubs * Marshall Arts Clubs * Football Clubs * Social Clubs * Supporters Clubs * Basketball Clubs * Police Clubs * Works Clubs * 'Old Boys' Clubs * Masonic Lodges * Gun Clubs * Parish Councils * Labour, Liberal & Conservative Clubs etc...etc....